Laser Printer Tech
About Laser Printer Tech:

We have been doing printer repairs since 1989.  We fix paper jams, install maintenance
kits, fix printers which cannot print period.  Our clients include a lot of who’s who in
Philadelphia and who’s who in America.  In short we
have a lot of experience repairing printers.  If you have a printer problem, feel free to leave
us a message on our blog.  We will do our best to help you out.  And our Discussion Forum
service here is free.  We are doing this as a service to the printer user community that has
been supporting us for years.  

If you want our immediate field service, call us at 215-463-5223.  All our repairs come with
a three month warranty.  And most of the time, we can give you a free quote on the phone.
Laser Printer Tech
Tel: (215) 463-5223